Zafar Bangash – Jan.02,2016

EID MIlad Un Nabi –

A Mercy to all the Worlds.

Bengal to Barbados

Coopers Masjid

March 4 2015

Brampton Islamic

Shaykh Ninowy Tariq Masjid

Shaykh Ninowy at Imdadul July 07

Lessons from Muslim History in Al Andalusia

Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Canadian Islamic Civic Academy

Lecture & Dinner October 23,2016

Islamic Information & Dawah Centre Int'l -Vigil Quebec Murder
Vigil Quebec Murder- Jan 29,2017

Quebec Massacre - Jewish & Christians Friends Ring of Peace -Feb 03,2017

Dr Shabir Ally

Louis Ruggiero

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